Обложка книги «Angels turned around (Heavenly escort)» автора Elena Esaulova издание 2018 года. ISBN 9785532116252.
Издание 2018 года
Формат: электронная книга
ISBN: 9785532116252

Angels turned around (Heavenly escort)

Автор: Elena Esaulova
Издательство: ЛитРес: Самиздат
109.00 ₽

Mr. Brainy is looking for a heart for his daughter. Angels talk to his daughter. Elizabeth falls in love with Mr. Brainy. Angels say they are not meant to be together. Elizabeth’s father Mr. Cantone works as a judge and restores the Constitutional Court. Angels praise her father and give him another 20 years of life. Elizabeth gives her heart to the daughter of Mr. Brainy, who is sentenced to death. Elizabeth’s father innocents Mr. Brainy in court. Angels come to the father and say that Elizabeth settled in the body of Mr. Brainy’s daughter. She will always be next to him. The angels leave, but one of them turns around...

автор Елена Ворон
автор Мира Шторм
автор Нидейла Нэльте