Обложка книги «Sexual slavery club. All wishes are fulfilled» автора Виталия Мушкина. ISBN 9785448541285.
Формат: электронная книга
ISBN: 9785448541285

Sexual slavery club. All wishes are fulfilled

Автор: Виталий Мушкин
Издательство: Издательские решения
80.00 ₽

The protagonist gets acquainted with a young woman on the Internet. In an intimate meeting, she invites him to the hotel. In the hotel room the hero unexpectedly meets not only his sympathy, but also her husband with some woman. And the hotel is not just a hotel, but a mysterious closed club where sexual slavery reigns. The main character of the story is offered to become a slave…

автор Виталий Мушкин
автор Ян Ратапс
автор Альберт Альчербад